Sea Scoopa Boat Hook

International Patents

This boat hook has been designed because most commonly available boat hooks are inadequate for the special requirements of rescuing human beings in difficult circumstances.

3 components of a boathook are important for rescue purposes and also for everyday use:

1. The hook which is used to pull the MOB by the clothing into the net in circumstances where extra assistance may be required. The uniquely curved structure of this hook is also invaluable for picking up a dock line lying flat on a wharf whilst the operator is standing on a high deck. Most standard boat hooks cannot do this.

2. The rubber cushioned tip which may be required to push the MOB into an optimal position or to fend off other objects.

3. The long reverse hook which can be used to hold the scoop out in the unlikely event of a malfunction of the carbon fibre pole with the Yacht Sea Scoopa or the jockey pole on the Rescue Sea Scoopa. In everyday life it is useful for holding out a preformed loop of rope to drop over a bollard or mooring pole.

The pole itself is a critical component and merits special mention. It should be fashioned from high quality timber 35mm in diameter and should be as long as possible. On larger boats 3 metres is the optimum length to deal with most emergencies. The 'old fashioned' wooden pole cannot be beaten for its properties of strength, lightness and floatation should it fall overboard. Clear grade Oregon is regarded as the best timber for this purpose. In real life rescue situations, extendable aluminium boat hooks are both useless and dangerous as they can collapse and fail with the heavy loads involved.

Because of the length of pole and the consequent difficulty with freighting we supply only the 316 stainless steel head piece. The 35mm diameter pole can be purchased from all good timber merchants and should be high gloss varnished prior to fitting. The end of the pole may need to be reduced in diameter by 2-3 mm to fit into the head piece. This can be done with a wood rasp or with a sander.

Our experience has shown that a simple high quality boathook is an ESSENTIAL part of marine rescue equipment.