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Man Overboard (MOB) Recovery is more difficult than you think .... !

Sea Scoopa/ is a lightweight and portable rescue device which solves the very difficult and greatly underestimated problem of capturing and hoisting a 'Man Overboard' (MOB) to safety. It offers a new generation approach which both mechanically and medically facilitates the safe and effective retrieval of a MOB.

Mechanically -through a thoroughly refined and tested capture and collection process, the safety of the rescuers is maintained, lifting effort is halved and potentially 'life threatening time of immersion' is kept to a minimum.

Medically-the Sea Scoopa takes unparalleled care of the MOB during the rescue process particularly where the victim has suffered unknown and possibly life threatening injuries. The correct handling technique, automatically replicated during each retrieval, is a vital component of the Sea Scoopa. An inbuilt stretcher protects the victim and allows safe post-rescue handling whilst minimising further injury.

Sea Scoopa was invented by an Intensive Care doctor, refined by engineers and tested by mariners. Extensive testing has shown that this is the most efficient device for the speedy and safe recovery of a MOB.

Two model ranges have been specially designed, one for rescue boats and the other for sail boats.

Latest News

The Rescue Boat and Yacht Sea Scoopas have undergone substantial design changes since their inception in 2008 when the Sea Scoopa was chosen as the winning invention on the ABC TV program 'The New Inventors'. See link for details.

Both have been tested and certified by NATA to the ABR 5195 Standard "Royal Australian Navy Lifting Requirements" for loads up to 300 kg.

The Rescue Sea Scoopa has also undergone extensive evaluation by the Royal Australian Navy and has been awarded a NATO Stock Number 6515-66-160-2559 which allows other Defence Forces to buy with confidence. It is now in use as part of both the RAN and the Australian Customs and Border Protection small boat rescue capabilities.

The Sea Scoopa was awarded a Good Design Certificate in the Australian International Design Awards 2012 and was selected as an outstanding product to be exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum Selection 2012.

In September 2013 FERNO AUSTRALIA was appointed to manufacture and market the Sea Scoopa. Manufacture is centred at FERNO's Production Facility in Perth and worldwide distribution is channeled through FERNO's global network of Companies. For further information please contact FERNO Australia. Email:

Demonstration Videos Now Online:

Small RIB Rescue Sea Scoopa
Large RIB Rescue Sea Scoopa
Power Boat Rescue Sea Scoopa
Yacht Sea Scoopa
Sea Scoopa Ladder

Operating Instructions for using both the Rescue Boat and Yacht Sea Scoopa are available online.
You can view and download them here.

Rescue Boat Sea Scoopa
Yacht Sea Scoopa

DESIGN CONSULTANTS: Richard Dooley and John Gill